December Sky over Provincetown

Provincetown Public Library, Computer Stations

Provincetown Public Library, Computer Stations


Don’t worry! There is still so much to do and things that you would miss if the sun was out!

Provincetown Galleries


Provincetown is chocker block full of world class, unique and just plain fun SHOPS and wonderful GALLERIES, so why not start with a stroll down Commercial Street… it can take hours and make you very hungry! There are dozens of restaurants and eateries where you can find fried dough, hot dogs, pizza to kale soup, clambakes and sushi and everything in between!

If you have a great place to stay, this may be your chance to buy a good book, bottle of wine, cheese & crackers, lay back and relax for awhile.

For you active folks, consider climbing the Monument and then visiting its museum. And if you don’t get tired climb it again!

Provincetown Art Association and Museum

Art Museum

Speaking of museums, we have some great places to visit such as the Provincetown Art Association & Museum, the Pirate Ship Whydah Museum and even our local Library which is a lot more than a library (huge fishing boat fills the middle of two floors) with free internet service, children’s floor and ongoing programs.

Whales are wet…



Despite the rain, our WHALES don’t care as they are wet all the time! Whale watching is still a great thing to do on a rainy day. It takes about 3 hours, there’s food and drink on board and inside seating!

If it’s not raining too hard you can go on a one hour DUNE TOUR or Provincetown sightseeing TROLLEY TOURS all around town. Check this page for businesses listing.

Pamper yourself!

Pamper yourself at our salons and spas with a message, facial, new do, nails & toes, waxing, spray tan or even a henna tattoo to look your best at the beach when the sun does come out!

There is an indoor pool at Beach Point Health Club on Rte. 6A in North Truro and work out room if you want to swim and stay in shape!

There are also two gyms in Provincetown that welcome you for the day if you feel the need to exercise your way out of any rainy day blues!

Lounges abound!

Martini icon


Lounges abound, a lot of them located on the waterfront where you can enjoy the view of stormy seas, often times rainbows and sip your favorite beverage, enjoy the company of your companions or discover new friends while making the most of vacationing in Provincetown. Harbor Hotel Restaurant & Lounge, Fanizzi’s, Mews, Pepe’s, Lobster Pot, Harbor Lounge, Waterford Cafe, Bubala’s, Sal’s Place, Red Inn – all have water views.

There are also several lounges that are great for PEOPLE WATCHING which is always fun on a cloudy/ rainy day. Waterford Cafe, Squealing Pig, Patio American Grill and Cocktail Bar, Cafe Edwidge, Governor Bradford, Coffee Pot, Twisted Sisters, Mayflower Cafe, MoJo’s, Central House, Vorelli’s, Bubala’s…

The Province Lands Seashore Visitor Center

The Province Lands Seashore Visitor Center on Race Point Road

Seashore Park

Don’t forget to visit the Cape Cod National Seashore Visitor’s Center located on Race Point Road! There are movies, spectacular views, wonderful information on how the dunes and seashore was formed and evolved over thousands of years.

There is plenty of parking, its free, educational and fascinating. Out local Shuttle bus drops off and picks up every half hour leaving from the center of Provincetown or coming from North Truro.

North Truro

Truro Lighthouse

Truro Lighthouse

If you are traveling our way through Truro on a rainy day, stop at Cape Cod Highland Lighthouse & Museum – parking is ample and its an experience climbing the oldest lighthouse on Cape Cod!

Stop by also to visit Truro Vineyard’s of Cape Cod (6A) – it is a working vineyard, with wonderful wine tasting tours and gift shop!

And don’t forget to stop by at the Atlantic Spice Company (Rte. 6), a warehouse with an array of spices from around the world… the aroma of all those spices is wonderful to experience and the shop is full of many special items not found anywhere else on Cape Cod!

You can get to Truro and back on the Shuttle or the Flex buses for a couple of bucks each way!


We urge you to stop by the Provincetown Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center located in the center of town for maps, brochures, friendly suggestions or just to say Hello!

Have a great rainy day!