PTown for Teens

What’s there in PTown for Teens?

Provincetown is deemed the “coolest” spot on Cape Cod for families with teens. From colorful street culture to awesome nearby beaches, PTown has it all.

For parents with teens, PTown is a safe environment to consider allowing your young adult some limited freedom. Provincetown has the excitement of a small city — which is the type of vacation atmosphere teens gravitate to – yet all shops, restaurants and non-beach attractions are in walking distance.

All the activities listed below are teen-approved by teen travel bloggers and their friends who visit PTown annually.

    Fast food, take out, sweets, ice cream, family dining…

    Quick Bites and Take Out (favorite spots for kids/teens):
    Box Lunch
    Coffee Pot
    Far Land
    John’s Foot Long hotdog, hamb, seafood
    Portuguese Bakery
    Twisted Sisters​

    Sweet Treats:
    The Donut Experiment
    The Nut House
    Portuguese Bakery
    Purple Feather
    and don’t forget always a favorite Cabot’s Candy and the Penny Patch for taffy, fudge, candy AND MORE… Kids can fill their own bags which is so much fun!

    Ice Cream, always a family favorite:
    Purple Feather
    Twisted Pizza (and ice cream)

    For Family Dining check our restaurant page and look for a teddy bear!

    Activities & Fun:
    Biking – Try CC Seashore Bike trails
    Museums From Pirate treasures to climbing the monument
    Kayaking, sailing, paddle boarding
    Skateboard Park
    Art’s Dune Tours, Ghost Tours, Trolley Tours, Pedi cab ride
    Take the shuttle boat to the beach at Long Point

    Free & Fun:
    Walk Commercial Street
    Listen to Street performers
    Walk the Bayside or Ocean beaches – gather shells, do somersaults,
    Take a stroll on MacMillan Pier
    Take a walk in the sand dunes
    Check out the Public Library with incredible views and a ship inside!
    Visit wonderful Art Galleries throughout the town.
    Go fly a kite at the beach!
    Visit the fun shops in Provincetown

    So much more …

In this section, teens who visit PTown annually with their families have provided input in regards to their favorite Provincetown spots.

18-year old Alex writes:



Where can one find the quaintness of a New England seaside town coupled with the vibrancy of a metropolitan area? Provincetown, at the tip of Cape Cod, fits this exact mold. From family-friendly beaches, eateries, and activities strewn across a few main streets and surrounding ocean side venues, to lively ventures that entertain the younger generation, Provincetown (PTown) is the best of both worlds.

PTown is known for its eclectic atmosphere. It’s an environment that serves as a “place to go” on any given night on a Cape Cod vacation. I’m 18 years old and never get tired of hanging out in PTown. My family and cousins vacation in Cape Cod each summer so I have been lucky to have spent many exciting nights in Provincetown with my cousins who are slightly older than I. Even if your teenager doesn’t have any companions their own age on vacation with them, parents will enjoy some of our regular hangouts in Ptown as well.

After a long day at one of the Provincetown beaches—my personal favorite is Herring Cove—we’re usually pretty tired from all of the energy we exerted sitting on the beach all day (sarcasm intended). Therefore, a journey into PTown is always welcomed! We soon make our way to one of our favorite eateries for a fun, group family dinner. After meandering down Commercial Street (the main avenue in PTown) for a while and popping our heads into various shops, the parents usually decide to let us “kids” (teenagers) have some fun on our own.

When the sun goes down in Provincetown, vampires unfortunately don’t come out (oh darn!), but the street definitely has a livelier and sometimes “adult” vibe to it. There are many types of entertainment available from comedy to musical productions and many restaurants stay open late. As teenagers, just walking this street at night is the most exciting to us due to the constant amusement anywhere on the street, including street performers. Some of the spots we like to stop at include: dessert places, bookstores, jewelry shops and the henna tattoo kiosk. Other times, we just like to buy an iced tea or coffee and wander down quieter MacMillan Pier and watch the sunset over the water.

Provincetown during the day vs. Provincetown later at night may be different venues for different age groups and interests, but regardless, PTown offers fun for any age. From beaches to restaurants to shops to entertainment, Provincetown is probably one of the most animated and colorful locales on the Cape. Our annual two-week stay in Cape Cod would not be the same without our many visits to PTown – with and without our parents!

Herring Cove, play time!

Herring Cove, playtime!