Adam Peck, "Moon Dream"

“Moon Dream” painting by Provincetown artist Adam Peck

Provincetown Art Association and Museum

Provincetown Art Association and Museum

Provincetown is the oldest continuous art colony in America! Art and artists are everywhere! On the pier, in the museum, in many galleries in town… And Provincetown is the birthplace of the modern American theater! We’re also famous for our international film festival, dance festival, jazz festival, night life, cabaret, bar scene and so much more! So, come over!

Galleries and Artists…




Music and Dance…

Night Life and Cabaret!

Painting by Paul Resika

Provincetown Harbor painting by Paul Resika

Provincetown Public Library

Don’t forget to visit Provincetown Public Library
and Provincetown Town Hall
to see some amazing Provincetown art!

Provincetown Harbor, MacMillan Pier, painting class

Painting Class at the MacMillan PIer