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Race Point Beach

Race Point Beach

We know that a parent’s day never seems to end. Therefore we’ve made planning a family trip to Provincetown as quick and easy as possible. These listings and websites of family-friendly restaurants, lodging, land and water activities, and teen favorites provide you with helpful information to plan your family’s next vacation to Provincetown.

Each section also has a short story from the mom and teen points of view so you can get “up close and personal” insights regarding your next family vacation to PTown. These stories depict in words that the quintessential New England family vacation – where families bond amidst beautiful surroundings — can still be enjoyed in Provincetown.

Traveling with Kids?

Traveling with kids and finding that you have too much to pack and carry. Save the hassle and rent it from Sidekicks Travel. They offer the most requested things for kids: strollers, carriers, pack n play, swings, toddler bed, swings and even toys!

They also offer beach gear rentals: umbrellas, coolers, beach chairs, beach towels, Cornhole, tables, and canopies.

You can rest assured that cleanliness and safety are our top priorities.

Cleanliness and

Summer! East End of Provincetown

Provincetown East End Beach

Sea and Sand

Family fun on the water… click here…

Hot day at Herring Cove Beach

Hot day at Herring Cove Beach

Gray seals swimming

Gray seals swimming

Ptown for Kids

Lots of things to do! click here…

Family Week Event in Provincetown

Family Week Event in Provincetown

Ptown for Tweens

Teens on vacation in PTown! click here…

PTown for Kids

Perfect Summer Vacation in Provincetown!

Family Restaurants

Let’s eat! click here…

Sunset picnic with Art's Sand Dune Tours

Sunset picnic with Art’s Sand Dune Tours

Family Lodging

Sweet dreams, everyone! click here…

Whalewatching in Provincetown starts April school vacation.

Whalewatching in Provincetown starts April school vacation.

“Promise Town”

When my son was young, on our annual Cape Cod family vacations he’d mistakenly say “Promise Town” instead of Provincetown. We all thought it was cute and so the name has stuck for years. Even though my son, his older sister and cousins have all been to Provincetown dozens of times over the past 12 summers, they still get excited about our visits to this colorful town. Maybe that’s because they realize Provincetown holds a lot of “promise” for them in regards to experiencing new, awesome activities that can’t be easily replicated in other destinations. These family–friendly activities range from one-of-a-kind dune tours to adventures at sea including whale watches, pirate ships and gorgeous, gentle beach water.

In addition to a great variety of outdoor activities there is tons of shopping that my kids look forward to. The lack of chain stores makes this an eclectic adventure with plenty of shops for kids, teens and parents to peruse.

As a parent, another thing I like about Provincetown is the value it offers families. Traveling with a family of four or more can potentially add up. However, it only costs $!5/day or $45 per year for a family to load all its members into their car and visit the amazingly beautiful National Seashore beaches of Race Point and Herring Cove. Comparatively, the Jersey Shore charges $8 PER person PER day visit to its beaches.

This summer, my son and his cousin walked up and down the Pilgrim Tower FOUR TIMES in one visit! Why four times? Because they have a lot of energy – like most youngsters do – and because there was no extra charge for multiple climbs. Talk about value…and tired feet!

It never fails: we visit Provincetown multiple times during our annual two-week stay in Cape Cod. The kids and teens in our extended family love it because it delivers on all that it does “promise.” No wonder the name “Promise Town” has stuck!