Summer Heaven at Herring Cove Beach

Provincetown Weather

Provincetown Weather

Weather on the Cape, especially at the end of the Cape where Provincetown is located, is influenced by the sea which surrounds the town on three sides. Generally speaking the winter weather is milder than Boston, usually by 10 degrees at least, and the summer weather is cooler, influenced by the ocean temperatures. At either end of the thermometer Provincetown is a welcome change of weather for the visitor.

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What To Do in Provincetown When It Rains

For times when the sun is out check this page:
What To Do In Provincetown When It Rains

us harbors tide chart for Provincetown

Provincetown monthly tide chart

Provincetown has a large tidal range from 10 to 12 feet depending on the moon phase. The extreme low tides expose vast ‘flats’ where shellfish are gathered in season and the high tides permit swimming and boating close to shore.

Summer in P-town! East End shoreline

Bayside town center beach, low tide

Provincetown Herring Cove Beach

Herring Cove Beach ~ Hot, hot, hot day!

Race Point Beach