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East End of Provincetown. Young boys looking at the sea creatures


It doesn’t get any better than the beaches in the Provincetown area! In addition to hotel, motel and condo beaches on Cape Cod Bay, the Provincetown area is graced with the crown jewels of the Cape Cod National Seashore: Race Point and Herring Cove. The water here is usually gentle which makes them a good choice for little ones. Best of all, they have breath-taking sand dunes and plenty of space for enjoyment (see the maps above).

On the road between Provincetown and these beaches is Beech Forest. Gentle walking and biking trails lead to kettle ponds. This is a prime area for spotting bird life.


Families can easily travel seasonally by ferry from Boston to enjoy Provincetown for the day, weekend or more. Since Provincetown is a great town for walking and/or pushing a stroller, a car is not necessary. Bay State Cruise Co. and Boston Harbor Cruises offer high speed passenger ferries; Bay State Cruise Co. also offers traditional passenger ferries on this route.


Provincetown Fishing

Go fishing!

Kids love being on the water and so taking them on a fishing charter is a great way to get their feet “wet.” All the listings below are family-friendly. Since these all involve being on or in the water, parents must be the judge if their child is the appropriate age for particular water activity.

~ Captain Ralph Wilkins FV ODYSEA
~ Cee Jay Corp.
~ Flyer’s Boat Rental & Boat Shop Inc. and Long Point Shuttle
~ Ginny G
~ Sea Salt Charters

Sailing, kayaking

Kayaking in Provincetown Harbor is Great Fun!

Kayaking in Provincetown Harbor is Great Fun!

Since Provincetown is graced with being surrounded by water on three sides, there are plenty of unique options for families to enjoy fun water activities.

If you like the excitement of tall ships, check out: Dog Gone Sailing Charters, where your kids can help hoist the sails.

For families who prefer more intimate ways of being on the water, they can rent kayaks or visit The West End Racing Club, which specializes in summer sailing lessons for those eight to 14 years old.

Whale Watching

Provincetown ~ The capitol of whale watching on East Coast!

Provincetown ~ The capitol of whale watching on East Coast!

If you and your family want to get up close and personal with these behemoths, than book a ​whale watch trip! Whale watches from PTown are the best on the East Coast since feeding grounds are close to PTown.
Whale watch operators include:
~ Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch
~ Ginny G
~ Provincetown Whale Watches
~ Sea Salt Charters

To learn more about whales – and other marine life — visit Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies. The center’s calendar includes child-friendly activities.

Photo courtesy of the Center for Coastal Studies ~ Center for Coastal Studies under NOAA permit # 16325

Humpback whales feeding. Photo courtesy of the Center for Coastal Studies
Center for Coastal Studies under NOAA permit # 16325

Cape Cod National Seashore Park ~ Herring Cove Beach

Provincetown Harbor, Swim for Life September events

September event Swim for Life in Provincetown Harbor

Provincetown waterfront, low tide.

Provincetown waterfront, low tide. People enjoy nice day on beach.

Provincetown Harbor ~ Photo by JosephPatrick

Sailing in Provincetown Harbor ~ Photo by Joseph Patrick